The internship program at Zea Mays Printmaking provides opportunities to grow as a printmaker through research into safer printmaking practices and products and workshop assistance. There is no age limit to becoming a Zea Mays Printmaking intern, and a formal education in printmaking is not a requirement, just experience and enthusiasm.

We are currently seeking two types of interns.

Research and Workshop Assistance Internship

The primary role of Research Interns at Zea Mays Printmaking is to do technical research into safer printmaking practices under the guidance of studio director Liz Chalfin. The research program is at the heart of the studio’s mission and helps drive new innovations and directions in our printmaking practice. Past research projects have been presented at SGCI conferences, made into products on the market and have been adopted by colleges and universities.

The research projects are on our online school’s website for anyone to use and benefit from.

Interns also assist with workshops, providing support to instructors and workshop participants.

Time commitment: 1 day/week for research + 2-5 days/month for workshop assistance.

Duration of internship: 6 months – 1 year
Fall/winter internship: September – February
Spring/summer internship: March – August

Qualifications: We are looking for interns who have a knowledge of printmaking techniques (intaglio, relief, monoprint, screenprint, photo) and who have a special interest in safer and non-toxic printmaking practices. We really appreciate good communication skills, friendly personalities, good writing and organizational skills, computer skills and all around good work ethic. No age limit, but if you’re in school we are happy to work with college students to earn credit and school sponsored stipends.

Compensation: Internships are unpaid. Interns receive a one-year full membership, beginning on the first day of their internship.

Workshop Assistance Internship – Summer Only

Workshop Assistance Interns work with the Zea Mays faculty and Shop Tech to prepare the studio for workshops and provide support to the instructors and workshop participants. Past interns have gone on to become faculty members themselves, and we encourage those with an interest in teaching to apply for this position.

Time commitment: approx. 25 hours per week, to be scheduled around in-studio workshops.

Duration of internship: 3-4 months. Positions for Summer 2024 are filled, currently interviewing for Summer 2025.

Workshop Assistance Interns are compensated with Membership Benefits for one year and Unlimited Studio Access for the duration of their internship. No age limit, but if you’re in school we are happy to work with college students to earn credit and school sponsored stipends.

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