See Prints

There are many ways to see the prints we make at Zea Mays Printmaking:


  • The Flat File Project contains over 500 prints by our member artists. It is curated annually and is available for viewing by appointment. Many gallery and museum exhibitions have been curated from our Flat File. Prints in the Flat File are available for loan and are for sale.
  • The Sanford Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking  exhibiting original prints by both member artists and invited printmakers.
  • Off-Site Exhibitions shows in other galleries featuring work from Zea Mays Printmaking
  • Online Members’ Gallery Zea Mays Printmaking members’ work featured with an individual web page.
  • Portfolios  three exquisite portfolios of prints published by Zea Mays Printmaking
  • Digital Exhibitions  rotating digital exhibitions showcase curated selections of members’ prints from the Flat File. The prints in these exhibitions ;are available for loan and/or sale.