Meredith Broberg

Meredith Broberg

Meredith Broberg is a multi-disciplinary artist with a deep interest in the natural world and our relationships with and within our ecosystems.  Much of her recent work explores issues of extinction, with several series focused on animals on the brink and environments at risk.

Meredith regularly teaches Drawing at Smith College. Previously she taught Artists Books at Hampshire College, Printmaking at Springfield College, Drawing at Carleton College, and Art at Pelican Bay State Prison, a remote supermax facility near the northernmost redwood park in California.

Meredith earned a B.A. magna cum laudefrom Carleton College, and an M.F.A. from the University of California at Berkeley. Honors include a Fulbright Scholarship in Costa Rica, Marion Hahn Simpson Fellowship in Art, and a Sloan Fellowship in Science, Technology & Public Policy.

Her prints and books are included in numerous collections, including the University of the South, Smith College Museum of Art and the Decordova Museum.

Individualized Instruction

As a teacher, it is a joy and a privilege to help artists explore media, deepen their skills, clarify their ideas and connect with their own instincts. I try to find the right questions that can lead to breakthroughs, and to listen very closely for what may movebeneath the surface. Highlighting your strengths can help to align your process toward authentic self-expression. I emphasize finding the pleasure in the making so that you can use enjoyment as your compass as you move deeper into your own work. Developing your work could involve focusing on form (the way you use color, frame your composition, the energy of your marks, etc.), exploring technique, and sharpening your approach to content.

Process is key–both the hands-on technical experience of different media, and also the intangible dynamics that can help or hinder your entry into the experience of making marks and creating images. It can be useful to investigate how we get in our own way, and to explore strategies that open up the pure enjoyment of the process of making. I have a wide range of experience in different media (from installation to photography, with a focus on drawing and printmaking) to inspire suggestions for new possibilities as you develop your imagery. After many years of engaged viewing and teaching, I love selecting from a smörgasbord of contemporary and historical artists to suggest sources of inspiration.

With steady encouragement, enthusiastic support and careful inquiry, I hope to help you find your own answer to the question of how your artwork can be a source of joy and meaning in your life.