Joyce Silverstone is a graduate and traveling fellow of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her current body of work and her workshop teaching centers around layered multiple plate printing using monotype inking methods. Employing collagraph, drypoint, relief and lithographic substrates, her materials show the way toward the interiority of an image.

When Joyce leads her printmaking workshops, she brings her technical experience in printmaking and her training as a certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, a relational awareness practice. Joyce has been exploring and refining ways of combining printmaking and painting for over 30 years.

An active artist and teacher, she exhibits her work locally, regionally and internationally. Joyce’s prints are included in the book: Singular and Serial: Contemporary Monotype and Monoprint. She was selected to be one of Speedball’s Professional Artist Network Partners, to advance safe and sustainable printmaking practices. Her prints can be seen on her website:

Individualized Instruction

“I especially like sharing new methods of printmaking and seeing how they can help artists “break through a barrier” or come into a new relationship with their work. Additionally, my experience as a teacher and practitioner of Rosen Method Bodywork, calls on me to practice awareness, attention and presence when teaching a creative process. I bring this aspect of my experience to my art making and art teaching, to dwell in the process long enough to give meaning to the materials. I enjoy fostering an atmosphere where students can feel confident developing their personal imagery.

My background as a painter, and my interest in feeling my way into drawing, provide the foundation for the way I teach printmaking. I can provide instruction based on the needs of each student, on color theory applied to layering and color mixing for printmakers, viscosity printing techniques, monotype printing on and off the press, layering and combining monotype with woodcut, and alternative relief plates, collage, and polyester plate lithography. Individualized instruction and mentoring is a collaborative effort to find and uncover visible experiences that cannot be expressed in any other way than through the exploration of these materials. I love being present for those moments, and helping each artist shape a series or a whole body of work in light of these discoveries.”