Peter Pettengill began his training in printmaking in 1978 at Crown Point Press in Oakland CA. Over the course of his six years there he participated in and led projects with some of the leading artists of the late 20th century, including John Cage, Sol LeWitt and Wayne Thiebaud.
In 1985 he opened his own etching workshop, Wingate Studio, in Hinsdale, NH, printing and working with print and book publishers. Over time, Pettengill began inviting and working with artists to create editions and publish the work, growing over 38 years into a respected publisher and printer. Some of the more notable prints created at Wingate include work by Louise Bourgeois, Sol LeWitt and Walton Ford among scores of others. Wingate Studio continues to use traditional etching techniques and multiple plate color etching to engage both established and emerging artists. Currently Wingate publishes and works with contemporary artists of international acclaim under the direction of James Pettengill, Peter’s son. The press is renowned for its specialization and technical expertise in the age-old process of multiple plate aquatint etching.