Testimonials by Workshop Participants

“I had an amazing month working at Zea Mays. The way the studio runs made it very easy to come in and start working. The monitors were helpful and friendly and it was great to have them there to help set up the various presses for the material I was using, to help me find whatever I needed, and answer technical questions. The space was open and bright and had everything I needed. There were enough rules that it was clean and easy to work in but still felt relaxed and comfortable. The studio is so well organized, and the individual work stations are quite roomy. It never felt crowded. The artists I met shared space with caring and consideration. There was a respect for work time, yet an openness to sharing information. Having the kitchen space to eat and socialize in was great for getting to know folks and have down time.

The teachers of the workshops were very knowledgeable and generous. The groups were small and had a nice mix of experienced printmakers and folks new to it all. The interns helped it all run so smoothly that we were able to learn and produce a surprising amount! How lovely to have someone to get papers ready and mix inks, and bring in lunch! The threads that ran throughout my time at Zea Mays were a shared love of the practice of making prints, respect for each other and their work, openness, and warmth. Everyone seemed grateful to be working at the studio, and to want to contribute in their way to its spirit.”
—N. Doniger, Brooklyn, NY

“Just wanted to thank you for a great class!!! I do believe I will be able to incorporate what I’ve learned in a currently progressing body of work, and it just was invigorating for my creative process! As a teacher of adult art students for the last 12 years, myself….and for what its worth…you (Joyce) are an excellent instructor too. I like your balance between demonstration (sharing your knowledge) and actual studio time, and your patience as well as process of “checking in” with all of your students.

Zea Mays as a facility is Zee-amazing! The additional 8 hours of studio time added a whole extra dimension to the experience, giving me additional experience, freedom, exposure to other supportive artists, and a window into the kind of camaraderie that is unique to Zea Mays”
—L. Horan, Southampton, MA

“You have a fabulous instructional staff — in particular yourself, Lynn Peterfreund, and Joyce Silverstone — who all so graciously and professionally introduced me to new monotype techniques, color combinations, and news ways of ‘marking.’ But most importantly — for me — was the subtle and generous aesthetic encouragement you all provided.”
—Tim Chadsey, California

“The engraving workshop I took with Barry Moser was a most satisfying experience. Barry is a wood engraver without peer; an excellent, patient teacher and as an unexpected bonus, a warm and engaging human being! I learned a great deal about this demanding technique and look forward to using the advice I received to continue to hone my craft. Your setting contributed greatly to the success of the workshop. You made the students welcome, quietly and efficiently provided all the materials and resources needed, and were most generous in sharing your own experience in all aspects of the printmaking process. It was one of the very best workshops I have attended. All the more remarkable, in only three days.”
—Evan Charney, Cape Cod, MA

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for hosting Carol Wax and running the workshop. My son and I had a great time. We were talking about it the whole ride back and after we got home. We’re “basking in the glow” of wonderful workshop. We learned so much from Carol, who is an excellent teacher and totally awesome artist (the latter I knew before the workshop). Your print studio is fantastic, inspirational! It’s been a while since I made any prints and it brought back to me why I loved the process so much.”
—P. Roos, Keene, NH

“What I liked best about the Layered Black and White Etching workshop is how individualized the instruction was. Mark and you covered the basics in efficient group settings — and then always were available for individual support. The facilities, of course, are first-rate. And the other students contributed enormously to the overall success. One of the best workshops I’ve ever taken. I can apply so much of what I learned to my own practice as a printmaker.”
—John Crane, NH

“I had a great time and learned so much! Louise was more than wonderful, and the interns very helpful, and your printshop is fabulous. I’m grateful to have experienced a workshop at Zea Mays. It’s sets a new standard for me for printmaking classes in terms of air quality and ventilation, equipment placement and organization, helpfulness of staff and educators (offering to print our plates!), pacing and flow of the new information, and the respectful and nurturing attitude towards students. It’s the printmaking school of my dreams. “
—Joyce Zavorkas, Cape Cod, MA

“I was lucky enough to spend studio time with Liz Chalfin when my Printmaking pursuits were at a crossroads. The techniques and expertise she shared had a positive impact on the work I was doing at the time and ongoing influence on my future now current work. It was just the jump start my printmaking needed.”
—Ronne Cosel, CT

“I’ve taken workshops with Anita Hunt, Liz Chalfin and Peter Pettengill. They’ve been superb. Far more than just technical experiences, they’ve consist of sharing the current creative enthusiasms and expertise of each of the presenting artists. Within the group milieu, the excitement increases exponentially as we each produce our renditions of the technical/aesthetic problems.”
—Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Brookline, MA

“I took a photopolymer etching week long workshop with Liz which I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did a learn enough about the process to go ahead and set up a nontoxic printshop but it gave me a glimpse into what is possible with the medium. Liz is both professional and generous with her knowledge and her printmaking studio is set up user friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about printmaking.”
—Kathleen Zimmerman, China

Each time I’ve taken a workshop at Zea Mays I’ve wanted to write to you to tell you how great the experience was. The teachers are excellent – they are both inspiring as artists and caring as teachers, not necessarily a common combination. And your artistic and generous spirit makes the studio a wonderful place to work. It is truly a supportive environment, a space to experiment, take risks and learn.
—Michele Vitti

Each workshop that I’ve taken at Zea Mays, whether it be a day-long session or intensive week-long learning experience has provided a solid building block in my growth as a printmaker. The encouraging and creative atmosphere combined with meticulous attention to detail in teaching provides a body of knowledge that is a real ‘confidence booster’; after a workshop all I want to do is to go home and print, print, print! And can I mention that Liz’s afternoon espresso is just the perfect?
—Trudy Mitchell, Bolton, CT

Zea Mays was just what I needed–an artistic spa weekend! I still think of working in the well-supplied space with diverse but like-minded classmates. Time flew, the warm summer breeze tried to cool us. I made gorgeous prints. I refer to my class frequently with my students and I am planning to return. Just a gem of a place, right in my backyard.
—Deborah Callahan

I’ve taken about 3 workshops over a few years and I can certainly recommend the workshops I’ve taken. There was enough individual instruction within the group, enough time to print. and each new technique, like so much in printing, opens up further territory to explore. Knowing that each artist is treated respectfully, whether a beginner or a veteran, allows me to really look forward to being in your studio again.
—Roxane Hynek

I have taken three courses and brought fellow artists from Boston with me and the conclusions have been unanimous…an exceptional learning experience in an inviting setting. The teaching provided unique and nuanced approaches to the monoprint . I look forward to returning.
—June Levinson, Boston, MA

Zea Mays printmaking workshops offer a spectrum of learning opportunities from complex processes that demand special equipment to more direct printmaking approaches that I can replicate on my kitchen table. The classes I’ve attended have introduced me to a series of non-toxic inks as well as fine papers. Techniques and ways of seeing that I’ve gleaned from several skilled teachers have stayed with me.
—Haley Wood, Northampton, MA

The workshops at Zea Mays Printmaking are invaluable for moving forward with one’s image making. The instructors are thoughtful, attentive, creative, and inspiring. The environment is ideal — superb presses, bright and spacious studio, and always friendly.
—Stan Sherer, Northampton, MA

I have taken several workshops at Zea Mays and have been very happy with my experiences there. The teachers have been professional, the space is lovely, and everybody is incredibly friendly. The studio also has many resources: books and a flat file full of members’ prints as well as ongoing shows in the gallery. I would highly recommend the workshops.”
—Linda Batchelor, Northampton, MA

Each of the workshops have given me a solid introduction to take off on my own, even more so now that I am a member of the studio. The instructors have been excellent in individualizing particulars even within the structure of an intensive 1 or 2 day workshop. These workshops really are a testament to the professionalism of Zea Mays Printmaking.”
—Doris Madsen, Easthampton, MA

It was 2001 when I took my first workshop at the Zea Mays Printmaking Studio, and I have been going back ever since then. Liz is in a larger space now, which allows her to offer a large variety of workshops the quality of which is very high. But what I think is really exciting about Zea Mays is that Liz Chalfin has not just created a place for printmakers to learn and work; she has developed a community of artists. There are opportunities and possibilities galore: networking, information sharing, bulk ordering, exhibitions in the studio and in the community, nationally and internationally. This is the first year that I’ve become a member there, and even though I spend a lot of time in Newfoundland, I feel that my art community when I’m in the states is at Zea Mays”
—Carol Bajn-Gahm, Newfoundland, Canada

“I have never been disappointed with any of the workshops I have taken at Zea Mays. The instructors I’ve had were not only knowledgeable in their area of expertise, but they were always enthusiastic and supportive. Because of this, the participants were actively engaged in the process and excited about sharing discoveries and ideas throughout the day. The working environment is open and light with the added benefits of being ‘green.’ These workshops are so good, in fact, that I am willing to drive 3 1/2 hours each way to attend one.
—Wendy Ketchum, New Hampshire

“Zea Mays Printmaking is a large, clean, quiet space that is condusive to producing your own prints. The teachers I had for workshops were clear and informative, yet very relaxed and congenial in their manner, in fact, everyone working there is quite friendly. One feels very supported in their printmaking process. I am very fortunate and delighted that such a studio is available right here in the Pioneer Valley.
—Janet Walerstein Winston, Amherst, MA