The mentorship program helped crack open my practice. I applied because I felt that I had gotten to a point where my work wasn’t growing anymore and I was making things that were no longer interesting to me. Because I know I have a lot of gaps in my print knowledge, I thought that Zea would allow me to learn new techniques and create deeper, richer, and more interesting work. It has! I’ve been challenged in a supportive environment and it’s given me confidence to experiment, trust my intuition and trust the process again. For a mostly virtual mentorship, it’s been deeply effective. Working with multiple mentors allows me to triangulate what I’m learning, hear different ways of thinking, and really branch out. I’ve learned new techniques, really unexpected ways to approach a print, and it’s caused me to re-examine the relationship between the print and the paper. Overall, the Zea Mays printmaking community is really welcoming, empathetic, and gloriously curious.