I was very new to printmaking when Covid started and took many on-line print making workshops with Zea Mays. And then, had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Artist Membership Program. I am so very grateful that Lynn Peterfreund was my mentor.

Perhaps the most important part of the process for me was the “trust” relationship built with Lynn. When she talked with me about my work, I trusted that her words came from a sincere place in trying to know “who I was as an artist”…..knowing “what I wanted from the program”….and how to best help me in “achieving my goals to grow in the areas of composition and color”. Toward the end of my mentorship, I moved from making prints to primarily using print making to make collage papers and collages. This is what I love most about print making and will continue along this path. Again, I so value Lynn’s support and “eyes” in helping me learn how to “look” and “see” more clearly.