My work is inspired by the play of light on natural forms, and the interesting patterns that result. I am particularly drawn to the abstractions created by the close-up environment versus the more traditonal landscape with horizon line, and many of my works reflect this “micro” view.

My woodcuts are created by an intuitive method of working an image through layering – of color, form, and technique – to produce one-of-a-kind prints without a preconceived plan. For this series I began by carving several individual blocks with patterns that related to each other in subject and composition. Each block was then inked and printed to produce the first layer. Successive layers were created by overprinting in different colors using different blocks, printing onto ghost prints, viscosity printing, printing an inked block on top of an uninked block and printing each of those blocks over developing prints, as well as printing blocks onto plexi plates to create reverse prints. The process involved a lot of back and forth play between plates and prints with each successive run through the press, until the final image evolved.

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