I’ve been captivated by the printing process since my childhood, when I watched and helped my father develop black and white photographs. Still drawn to the intense contrasts and pattern typical of woodcut and wood engraving, I enjoy employing these media, and also exploring how medium affects an image–by using woodcut, paint, graphite to depict a single subject.

I’m trained as a naturalist and also hold an M.F.A. degree in printmaking from the University of Massachusetts. My printmaking heroes are Kathe Kollwitz and Lyonel Feininger. I’ve exhibited my drawings and wood engravings throughout New England and have taught drawing, illustration, and relief printmaking at the University of Massachusetts and Holyoke Community College. I began my illustration career doing primarily scientific illustration, and have branched out to editorial illustration of newspapers and books, mural work and commissioned artwork. I’m a co-owner of Collective Copies, Amherst and Florence.