When I took a pottery class with my six-year old son, I discovered that making art was a welcome creative counterpoint to my business career. After my son moved on to other interests, I continued to develop my artistic avocation via self-directed practice and study. Upon retirement in 2021, I’ve dedicated myself fully to developing my art portfolio and skills, primarily in printmaking.

My art celebrates the rich and fragile diversity of natural Florida. Its muggy, viney, wabi-sabi environment is a constant source of wonder, from the prickly palmettos of the flatwoods, through the sumpy cypress swamplands, and to the bright, coastline thicketed with mangroves. Even the most commonplace details of nature demand attention, such as ropy philodendron vines, palm seed pods, a foraging ibis, or a lacy thread of spanish moss. Artmaking enables me to see nature’s processes at work in an intimate, palpable way. I explore nature’s interconnectedness through a layered approach, combining multiple printmaking processes in each of my prints, including monotype, collagraph, pochoir, drypoint, etching and relief.

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