Joyce Silverstone

I am a graduate of the Boston Museum School, where I first started monoprinting as a painter. I have shown my work in galleries and Museums in Boston, New England and New York City. I enjoy teaching creative process to artists interested in experiencing new ways of approaching printmaking. My work as a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner gives me an additional way of developing awareness and teaching creative expression.

As a teenager growing up near the Cleveland Museum of Fine Art, I absorbed the color, space and forms from their deep and wide Asian Art Collection. What I’m looking for in this series of work is a feeling that emerges from paying attention to landscape, rivers, passages, natural forms, and sky. Making monotypes encourages discovery and responsiveness, always allowing the unwilled to unfold. I’m inspired by the language of the body, and I’m interested in bringing personal experiences into poetic form. The series nature of monoprinting and this particular scroll format, supports my interest in a quality of expansiveness found in nature and within ourselves.