Nature, astonishingly simple, yet mysterious is the essence of my work. Many are about crossings made in transitory times — a shift from season to season, and places — crossing the sea from one shore to another. Chasing the waning light of a previous century or embarking on a journey to a better world, crossings are inevitable. My recent work signals an axial shift; a moment when knotty problems are eclipsed by inescapable forces set into motion.

Creating monotypes and handmade paper are surprisingly similar. While intensely physical and process oriented, they share an element of surprise. I thrive on solving design problems, which is why collage is one of my go-to techniques. I’m obsessed with color – – in nature, in art, and in everyday life. Recently I’ve been applying carborundum collograph technique to explore how various shades of black might simulate a polychrome experience.