Olwen Dowling


It seems each day we are feeling our equilibrium askew with a continuing barrage from outside sources that affect much more than we ever imagined. It’s almost unreal in its intensity and disturbance. No matter who or where you are from, something new and awful has occurred to us all. My way of responding is to find a way to try and live my life to its fullest and appreciate how beautiful it can be by doing my art. And- at the same time stay connected and try for change! Time will tell where it all settles. This is very personal because I decided to go back to a time of study that helped me get centered. That is Plant Biology and Nature. Nature and what it brings to our daily lives is the ultimate healer. These monotype, dry points, intaglio etchings will center on this experience and hopefully bring a sense of stillness and quietude to the viewer. That is my hope.

Olwen Dowling


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