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Lynn Peterfreund

I have been an active member of Zea Mays Printmaking for over twenty years as a member of the faculty and the mentorship program. In addition to making prints, I also draw, paint, make animations, and work with collage. I’ve maintained a daily drawing “chronicle” practice for over ten years that informs and is informed by the rest of my work.

My work is often about the tender, fragile state of nature and our environment. I depict the landscape, flora and fauna with a use of color and light that emphasizes the experience of being at a place and the feeling of that encounter. My work ranges from complete abstraction to representational images.

The techniques used in the prints in the flat file display an array of monotype techniques, sometimes combined with drypoint. Monotype, one-of-a-kind prints, offers direct, versatile, painterly and graphic ways to be expressive with inks. I like working in series, and the nature of monotype, and monotype combined with drypoint, makes that a natural exploration.


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