Larinda Meade

Larinda Meade

I live and work in Portland, Maine. I graduated from SUNY Potsdam as a studio arts major and have taken graduate classes and workshops in printmaking. I have worked in education as an art teacher and adult educator and administrator. I have also served as Co-President of Peregrine Press and a member of the Exhibitions Committee and a studio monitor at Zea Mays Printmaking.

My imagery focuses on the New England landscape with a focus on the textures and shapes of the Maine landscape. I use my surroundings to make meaning, by emoting a feeling of quiet and calm, while communicating my love of landscape. I enter the natural world through walking and observation and seek to give shape and sense to the experience of being out in the natural world.

My process is one of sketching and taking snapshots as I walk and recording what appeals to me. I am always intrigued by the essential mutability of ocean, sky, fields, and woods.


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