Frank Ozereko

Frank Ozereko

My prints focus on the subject matter of the “vessel”. I also make ceramic vessels/sculpture and these monoprints reference them. The shapes, sizes, colors of these vessels may reference other ceramic pieces found in other cultures and times but I try to make each piece unique, familiar but never seen before.The profiles/attitudes, of the finished vessels have personalties and distinct characters(humorous, severe etc).My ceramic work and prints are related but the physical reality of the clay work is distinctly different from the possibilities inherent in printmaking/drawing.

My technique is almost exclusively monoprint and traceprints. I use as many passes as I need until I feel the piece is complete. I use oil paint rather than printing ink because of its extended drying time. When finished, some of the prints are fairly heavy with paint and textured. All the work is done by hand pressure on the back of the paper. No presses used on these prints. Stencils assist me in defining areas and color. My plates can be very wet or almost bone dry. The quality of line, plane and color vary greatly depending on the dryness/wetness of the plate, the print in progress and the number of layers already printed on the paper.

All of these prints were made between Oct – Dec 2023


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