Bobbie Salthouse

I consider art-making a process of discovery and looking harder. For me, the process, as much as the final product, is what keeps me interested in my work, day after day. It is the possibility of learning something new, or perhaps seeing something previously overlooked, that continually interests me in art, as well as my daily life.

I often refer to photographs I take while walking near my home in Western Massachusetts as inspiration and a point of departure. These reference photos might be used to remind me of how I experienced a place or thing visually, as well as the mood or feeling it engendered, which then I might end up expressing in an abstract way.

I also love being inspired by chance and randomness, and experimenting with combinations of color, texture and form. One mark leads to another. I enjoy combining a variety of printmaking techniques. Monotypes are a perfect medium for this kind of exploration, and If I’m lucky I have something I’m happy with at the end of the process.


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