Bobbie Salthouse

Bobbie Salthouse

In my daily life, I am inspired by chance encounters and unexpected sightings. Printmaking is a perfect extension (and the subject) of this kind of exploration, where accidents–happy or not–abound. If I am lucky, I have something I am happy with at the end of the process.

I have always been involved in the visual arts in one way or another. For many years I owned the graphic design consultancy Salthouse Design, and previous to that, worked as a designer for a number of advertising agencies and publications, including Seventeen Magazine and House Beautiful Magazine.

At Bryn Mawr College, I studied Art History and Printmaking . I also hold an M.A. in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve taken classes in painting, drawing, graphic design and advertising at the School of Visual Arts in New York, painting with Helen Corning at the Yellow Barn Studio, Glen Echo, MD, and printmaking with many talented teachers at Zea Mays.


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