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Your Art, Better! with Lynn Peterfreund

Lynn Peterfreund
Wednesdays, March 27 – April 17, 2019, 10 AM-2 PM
$225 non-members  $200 members

Can your art be better? Of course it can be, and it’s easier to make it better with help!  Instructor Lynn Peterfreund will lead participants in conversations designed to encourage focused looking and critical thinking about one’s art work.  Group conversations will be framed by language and questions introduced at the outset of the four sessions.
Students will have a chance to both exercise their vocabulary and critical skills and receive responses to their work from  the instructor and the other students. The atmosphere of the class is lively and very supportive. 
Students will alternate weeks for showing work so they can try out new ideas for both techniques and aesthetics between sessions knowing they’ll be able to bring work to show the group in subsequent classes.
The class won’t include studio work during class but there is homework to choose, observe, and write about art.
This class works for printmakers at all levels.

Limited to eight participants who will all receive equal amounts of time to present their work.