March 2 – 30, 2018

Zea Mays Printmaking artists Doris Madsen and Frank Ozereko present a dynamic and brightly colored grouping of vessels; teapots and urns respectively. Teapots twirl and fall playfully; urns stand solid, static and monumental.

Both artists employ the monotype medium of printmaking, each image being one-of-a-kind. Madsen, incorporating numerous layers of ink, transforms the simple form into new forms and transparencies. Ozereko, a career ceramicist and educator, creates unique vessels, each classic and conveying their unique character. Teapots and urns alike display, textures, fine line work, exuberant colors and controlled accidents.

Madsen and Ozereko work large and display the prints singly and in groupings. Madsen juxtaposes a number of her prints together, increasing their liveliness, size and action. Ozereko has chosen to display a number of two-part prints, diptychs, in which elements or a mirror image of one print references its partner.

Doris Madsen


Frank Ozereko