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Unorthodox Relief Monotype

kernanCatherine Kernan
Saturday & Sunday, April 22-23, 2017, 10-5
$275 non-members $245 members
$45 materials fee includes plates, ink, and paper

This workshop is full!

Disrupt traditional processes and broaden your expectations by using Akua Inaglio Inks and relief blocks for monoprints. Basic carving of blocks is only the first step in a process of exploiting opportunities for “controlled accidents” and “calculated spontaneity”. Learn to print the cut parts of your block, and to place contiguous colors with viscosity rolls. Learn to interrupt one block with another to achieve the intersection of the two. The long drying time of soy-based inks allows unorthodox moves from block to plate, or block to block, and back before any ink hits the paper.

If you have relief blocks cut, we will experiment with ways to print them. If not, learn the basics and cut simple blocks to use in the workshop. We will mix and modify inks for viscosity, rolling techniques, additive and reductive layers, overprinting, off-set transfers, trace monotype, ghost images, and chine collé. These techniques can all be integrated into monoprints.

The transparency, color intensity, soap and water clean-up, and lack of toxic fumes make using Akua Intaglio Inks a liberating experience.

Emphasis is on identifying and enhancing the synergy between individual ways of making art and the processes of printmaking. We will ask what, and how, and why, as well as who you are as an artist.

This workshop welcomes artists new to printmaking and Akua Inks, as well as experienced printmakers. Notes on techniques by will be available, as will extensive notes on material not covered in the workshop for a small additional cost to Ms. Kernan.