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Tuesday Morning Monotype Workshop

Joyce Silverstone
Tuesday Mornings, 10-2, April 7- May 5, 2015
$350 non-members $315 members
$50 materials fee

What is a Morning Monotype workshop like?

center-72The workshop usually begins with a demonstration of a monotype technique and followed by supported practice time with the materials during the next couple of hours. The workshop can serve as a laboratory to experiment with an aspect of monotype that provides the right mix of curiosity and challenge. This time can serve as a foundation for beginners, or as a time to refresh and revisit a particular technique for the dedicated printmaker. Over the course of five weeks, participants will get to know the tools of the studio, the unique qualities of Akua Inks, and variations on subtractive and additive monotype methods.

Materials fee includes inks, plates and paper

$350 + $50 materials ‐ Non‐Members

$315 + $50 materials ‐ Members