touchingJanuary 27, 2009 – February 2, 2009

An exhibition of prints curated from the Zea Mays Printmaking Flat Files by guest artist/curator Karen Dolmanisth as part of an occasional series of in-house exhibitions pulled from our collection by visionary thinkers, feelers, artists and curators.

Since 1978, Dolmanisth has been pushing the boundaries of contemporary experimental art. She has produced site-specific earthworks, environmental sculpture projects, and transient, action-centered happenings. She has created work for traditional museum and gallery venues and for such non-traditional spaces as railroad tracks; vacant lots; abandoned mills, factories, mental health facilities; cemeteries; rivers, lakes, the ocean; New York City piers; cornfields, woods, and mountain trails.

In Touching Space (flow), Dolmanisth selected 40 works from over 300 in the Zea Mays Printmaking Flat File. She selected work based on an intuitive response and perceived relationships between the pieces. The non-traditional installation of the work in the studio’s gallery extends her vision of how the works “touch space and flow” into the physical space of the gallery. Artists represented in the exhibition are: Meredith Broberg, Anne Beresford, Carolyn Webb, Liz Chalfin, Joyce Silverstone, Anita S. Hunt, Louise Kohrman, Claudia Sperry, Joan Dix Blair, Joan Wiener, Nancy Van Deren, Nancy Diessner, Erika Radich, Lynn Peterfreund, Margaret Jean, Sheryl Jaffe and Susan Silverman.

Throughout the month long exhibition, Ms. Dolmanisth will be adding subtle 3-dimensional installation elements of her own, helping to articulate the concept of Touching Space (flow). During the closing reception, on Friday, February 27th, Ms. Dolmanisth will present a talk/performance as part of the exhibition.