June 1-28

The artists in this exhibition have successfully completed the ZMP Artist Mentorship Program. Joan Wright, Linda Yoshizawa, Victoria Jure, Amy Meltzer and Rachel Gugler were among the 2017-18 program participants and worked closely with their mentors to create new bodies work and establish new practices. The exhibition includes multiple pieces by each artist and statements that describe their experiences in the program.

Excerpts from statements from the artists:

Amy Meltzer
My mentorship with Joyce has been and continues to be a incredibly nurturing experience. At each stage Joyce has helped me develop what I am ready to work on – whether it is broadening and deepening how I see what I have made, teaching me a technical skill, or suggesting a direction to try when I am unsure of what is next. My background in art is primarily 3-D craft, and I have had a lot to learn about composition, especially creating a sense of space, even if it is subtle references to space in an abstract print.

I have found delight in learning to drawing mindfully: not letting my brain jump to conclusions about what a line or shape should look like and drawing automatic marks, but seeing the lively lines that emerge when my hand slowly follows what my eye sees. Most recently I have been beginning my work with transfer drawings, then cropping them to find compositions that I like, and translating that into a plate, whether drypoint, sintra or collograph.  

Rachel Gugler
“I want you to begin to think about light in your work and how it enters the work through color and the way you use paper.” Louise Kohrman, November 2017
I came to you with ideas of intent, irony and transparency. And a devastating loss. You helped me in every way. At our first meeting you held up a printing paper and said: “This entire piece of paper is your art/print.” The creativity in that statement, the possibilities it alluded to, changed my life as an artist.

Most importantly, you helped me achieve my own practice at home and at the studio. My practice is still evolving. I now have a flow between studio and home. What I learned this Spring is what you began telling me two years ago. Work isn’t only in making prints. Working is in the thinking and reflecting, work is in the jotting down of ideas, work is in building a blueprint and being able to throw it away. We belong to the world and to each other. The work we do as artists is serious, sophisticated, funny and devastating. You encouraged me to be part of this world in my own way.

Victoria Jure
The Mentorship Program in Zea Mays printmaking had a significant influence on my artistic career. I will always be happy to have taken the decision to go to Northampton since it was a remarkable challenge. It was my first time abroad as a student for such a long time and all the members made me feel like at home. I found a productive and inspiring work environment where I had the possibility to develop my project. My mentor was Nancy, who taught me every aspect about photopolymer with dedication and commitment. And also, I had the chance to learn from Liz; she always helped me and accompanied me every time that I needed support. The mentorship experience has transformed my way of working and thinking about art. 

Linda Yoshizawa
Family Memoir Project
Seven edition book, 11” x17”’, 24 original photopolymer etchings with collage printed on Shiramine paper, 24 pages of text printed on transparent Kozo digital paper, Japanese side-stitch binding

I was mentored by Lynn Peterfreund who advised me on the scope, format, and production of the project. I visited Zea Mays in March and again in May of 2018. In addition to exploring monotype techniques with Lynn at the studio, I was given a lesson on Photoshop tools used in processing images for photopolymer plates with Liz Chalfin, I had a session on Chine Colle with Louise Kohrman, and I got very helpful advice on book binding from Meredith Borberg.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Artist Mentorship Program and to everyone for their help and support while I was there. I am especially grateful to Lynn for her guidance and friendship.