Silkscreen with Recycled Materials with Malgorzata Oakes

Malgorzata Oakes
Friday-Sunday, May 1-3, 2020, 10-5
$350 non-members $315 members
$45 materials fee includes screens, inks, and paper

Spend a three-day weekend learning silkscreen process from start to finish. Discover how to accurately plan, properly register and produce stencils, creating your silkscreen prints in a traditional way with low-tech methods yielding high-end results. Experiment with found objects and elements from nature, create a variety of large and small prints using traditional printmaking approaches. Screens will be coated, exposed and reclaimed correctly. Prints will be properly registered, editioned, printed, layered. You will be introduced to the new chapter in your printmaking adventures through stencil method, color and texture, layering 3-D hidden objects printing and embossing. You will be fascinated by possibilities, exploration, practicality along with a fresh method of repurposing and reusing.

Participants may consider bringing locally produced fabric pieces, embroidery, lace, dried plant materials, dried seaweed collected at the beach, textured shelf liner fragments, garden mesh, pieces of string, cheese cloth, tarlatan, plastic packaging, paper or cardboard stencils. Possibilities are endless.

All levels of printmaking students are welcome.

This workshop is presented as part of Zea Mays’ “Green to the Extreme” series in which we are focusing on ways to make art that recycles and up-cycles materials.

$350 + $45 materials fee ‐Non‐Members

$315 + $45 materials fee ‐Members