maya malachowski bajakMarch 1 -29, 2014
Reception with the artists, Friday, March 7th, 6-8 PM

Shifting Ground – prints by Maya Malachowski Bajak, Meredith Broberg and Anita S. Hunt

Drawing is central to the work of these three artists. Their etchings and monotypes share a focus on careful observation and close attention to detail. An undercurrent of subtle narrative flows through the pieces, conveying concern for vanishing species, changing ecosystems and the fragile nature of life. What is not shown in the images is as important as what is seen.

Maya Malachowski Bajak expresses liminal spaces in her work: the evolution of habitats, the architecture of fading human progress and environmental degradation. Her latest color etchings depict landscapes altered by human and natural causes.

Meredith Broberg makes portraits of animals facing extinction. These images portray individual beings and bear witness to their pending disappearance. While looking into their eyes, we may momentarily face the losses that underlie our everyday life.

Anita Hunt exhibits a new series of black and white etchings. Piles of wood and stone, excavations and erosions suggest the aftermath of floods and hint at the unraveling of nature. These images are elegies to what is lost and also express deep appreciation for the fragmented beauty that remains.