Joan Wiener, "Poppies", photopolymer intaglio with chine colle

Joan Wiener, “Poppies”, photopolymer intaglio with chine colle

July 1, 2009 – September 30, 2009

Zea Mays devotes the summer season to expanding the knowledge of many different non-toxic printmaking techniques through a variety of workshops. Students of all levels and interests come together in the studio during these classes, resulting in a very diverse body of work.

Selections from the Archives, Zea Mays’ summer art show, brings teachers, students, studio members, and visiting artists together in one space. Carefully selected and curated by studio interns Leslie Dorcus and Alexis Estrella, Selections from the Archives represents a broad selection of work created at the studio. Although each piece has a strong individual essence, the space offers a venue for each to come together, creating unique and unexpected relationships.

These works act as a representation of the unlimited possibilities that result from workshops at Zea Mays. Most of the techniques taught here are displayed, working as both a celebration of learning and a teaching tool. Selections from the Archives gives artists a chance to display their discoveries and successes while inspiring new students.