Online Workshops

Pulp Dreams: Making Paper at Home from Old Print and New Fibers – video series

with Elisa Lanzi and Sheryl Jaffe

This series of five video tutorials will introduce students to intriguing DIY methods for making artistic handmade paper at home. The series focuses on repurposing your old prints and recycling materials – – for tools, for pulp and for paper art.

You will learn how to make essential tools, several techniques for working with pulp, and create papers for works of art. These original papers, made with tree-free fibers and re-purposed prints, can be used for printmaking projects, books, cards and other artistic creations.  You will need an open mind, a spirit for experimenting, a blender and a variety of things you probably have around your kitchen and/or garage.  

A Resource Handout (PDF) is included containing materials list, suppliers, educational resources, and examples of handmade paper works. 

Sliding Scale Fees:  Fees pay the Instructor and help Zea Mays Printmaking stay afloat during the covid-19 crisis.  Thank you for paying what you can.  Once you register you will be sent a password that will allow you to watch the video below.


Part 1:  Get Ready to Make Paper 
A brief history of paper and in-depth instruction on making a mold and deckle and gathering all of the materials and tools you will need to set up your home papermaking studio. – 46 mins.

Part 1 – I can pay $15

Part 1 – I can pay $20

Part 1 – I can pay $25

Part 1 – I can pay $30


Part 2:  Let’s Make Pulp
Learn how to make pulp from live plants, recycled prints and papers and store bought fiber.- 82 mins

Part 2 – I can pay $15

Part 2 – I can pay $20

Part 2 – I can pay $25

Part 2 – I can pay $30


Part 3:  Sheets to the Wind – forming, pressing, drying
Turn your pulp into sheets of paper!  Learn how to make paper sheets in different shapes and with different fibers.  Demos on couching, pressing and drying.  – 47 mins.

Part 3 – I can pay $15

Part 3 – I can pay $20

Part 3 – I can pay $25

Part 3 – I can pay $30


Part 4:  Paper into Art: lesson 1 – coming soon!
Demo different techniques of laminating, embedding (including print scraps) and adding inclusions, creative couching.

Part 5: Paper into Art: lesson 2 – coming soon!
Demo wet collage with textiles, paper, and prints plus painting with pulp.