Pronto Plate Drawings with Joyce Silverstone

Joyce Silverstone
Saturday & Sunday, May 16-17, 2020, 10-5
$275 non-members $245 members
$35 materials fee covers plates, ink, paper

Pronto Plate Lithography one of the simplest, most direct methods of making prints from drawn-line images, or textural patterns. These plates are inked with the alternating oil / water method that is similar to inking a litho-stone. In this workshop we will explore direct drawing with tools that are oil-loving to create repeatable drawings / marks that can be pushed in surprising directions toward painterly monotype, and layering the drawings with color. This workshop encourages those who love to draw learn a method that is traditionally used to hold photographic imagery. We will be looking for the one-of-a-kind print experience and how to layer these lines to create spontaneous monoprints. This workshop is open to both the beginner and the experienced printmaker. We will be printing with oil-based etching inks, and the clean-up is with vegetable oil and soapy water.

$275 + $35 materials fee ‐Non‐Members

$245 + $35 materials fee ‐Members