Susan Byrne

Susan Byrne

A recent visit to Ireland’s Stone Age passage tombs of Newgrange presented me with an opportunity to observe and commune with the history of these lands. As an immigrant to the US, living off Irish soil since 1990, the draw of these ancient lands is palpable. To be among the stones observing their defiant structures and mysterious designs was both an honor and a homecoming for me. A sense of connection to my heritage compelled me to use this and surrounding tomb sites as the basis for this body of work which includes two series – “The Space Between” and “Fractured”.

The Space Between:
Over the course of researching the passage tombs, I have come to see the stones as representations of humankind一each with their own markings allowing for their unique expression. Together they form a community, leaning on each other for support, resilient against time, capturing the light. I have a strong sense they are teaching us lessons about individuality while simultaneously needing each other to survive.

The close study of ancient Irish art rekindled my deep appreciation for its designs. The simple, yet intricate, motifs are significant in Ireland and familiar to me from childhood. Since I have lived away from Ireland for multiple decades, the link to my heritage is present, but somewhat fragmented. My desire to explore this fragmentation led me to my current print series, “Fractured”.

Throughout this work these stones have become part of my story, as I am now part of theirs.


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