Rebecca Muller

Rebecca Muller

Matterly Manifestations

This series of photopolymer etchings, titled Matterly Manifestations, is an investigation of using matter as a maker of marks. A mix of eroded matter that only residually reflects its original identity is selected. Residue. Leavings. Findings. It creates a quality of surprise when looking at the image, a wondering ‘what is this?’ to the experience. A form of uncertainty.

Matter is organized on a continuum of transparency to opacity – the degree to which light may pass through it, or form a dark edge, as it is penetrated by ultra violet light in an exposure unit. Thin, softer matter is placed directly on the photopolymer plate under the glass; harder, more dimension material is placed on top of the glass. I substitute different types of mesh cloth for the aquatint screen. Suction compresses the glass close to the plate. Tightening or loosening the vacuum seal creates unexpected patterns in the fabric from the slackness of cloth and how it forms a shape around physical matter.

These images emerge from a love of eroded matter that only residually reflect their elemental and functional origins. Years of play, as a mixed media artist using matterly elements to shape installations and assemblage have given form to a kind of skeletal landscapes.

The philosopher, Jean Luc Nancy speaks of drawing as ‘designating the form or idea as a visible thing’. Both cloth and matter are pulled – drawn into – visible form as it comes to light, to presence. It reveals – not a demonstrative thought, but an unfolding in its folds that is carried though a progression. The kind of thought of a thing that designates, points out, shows, presents, monstrates.

These matterly moments provoke a type of dwelling place. Formed by what’s discarded, passed by, unseen. Disappearing into something else.


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