Rachel Rinker

Rachel Rinker

I find a freedom in abstraction, which to me is inherent in the process of printmaking. Using color and activity to find balance in these monotypes, repetitive shapes are found as motifs throughout. These shapes reference the real, digital, and imagined perspectives that capture my interest the most and feel non-exhaustive as an outlet for discovery of each new landscape. As I search for my own humanistic needs for worldly connection and organizational structures, I get to see them tangibly unfold in front of me.

Coming to the printmaking world as a painter and collage artist, I have a practice in the accumulation of materials from daily life such as junk mail to tissue paper, magazines, receipts, ribbons, house paint, old frames, etc. Nostalgia is a constant backdrop for me, so I also tend to include printed candid photos I’ve taken over the years. The sensibilities of my world feel remarkably more spacious and transformed by using the combination of drawing and silk screen printing into one monotype process.

Part of my series called BEATS PER MINUTE comes from short glances at my smart watch, and seeing a quick flash of a number showing my BPM before my heart rate spiked or calmed as I got excited, stood up, sat down, and reflected while I puzzled through these prints.



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