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Mary-Helen Horne

Mary-Helen Horne’s art celebrates the rich and fragile diversity of natural Florida. The muggy, viney, wabi-sabi environment of this region is a constant source of wonder. This body of work takes close notice of trees of the pine flatwoods, their intricate design and relationship to the plants, wildlife, humidity, light and atmosphere found in this unique environment. She expresses her felt observations through layered, improvisational monoprints which combine intaglio, relief, and planographic printmaking processes using Akua inks and non-toxic materials.

Since Mary-Helen’s first printmaking class in 2018, she has pursued a self-directed program of art study which includes instruction and mentorship by top American artists and printmakers, including Zea Mays Printmaking faculty. She is honored to be a member of Zea Mays Printmaking, Tampa Bay’s 24 Hands Printmaking Collective, Tampa Regional Artists, the Women’s Council for Art, and the Ybor City Kress Collective. Recognition for her work includes awards and honorable mentions at exhibitions throughout the Tampa Bay region.


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