Lynn Manos

From a formal point of view, I love to mix colors. I am interested in the interaction of color and the subtle shifts that occur when colors sit next to each other.

From a content point of view, I work in series. I find an idea, explore it from many vantage points, and only move on after exhaustion all avenues of possibility. The subjects matter can vary and the execution can veer from realism to a more abstract interpretation of an idea.

One of my main subjects is water. I have an inexplicable life-long fascination with water. Water is mysterious and ethereal, yet it has an edge. You can enjoy it for recreational purposes, but you can drown in it also. Swim in it and you are weightless, floating free of gravity. Be pulled under by a current, and you are done for. It whispers like a lover and says “come close, but keep your distance.” It is never truly knowable.

I am interested in the transitory effects of light and movement on water and the intersection of realism and abstraction. I use figurative boats to activate abstract patterns in water. It is fun to play with an image that is first seen as an abstraction and then, upon further observation, is decoded as a recognizable object, i.e. a corner of a boat, a logo, or a wave of water. This narrow line between the recognition of an image and its dissolution into pure elements of form and color is visually exciting to me.

My practice involves a variety of media including painting, printmaking, drawing and video.

Lynn Manos


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