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The prints in this grouping are all from projects done during the pandemic when I was working alone in my studio, ABRAZOS PRESS , in Somerville, MA.I work mainly with woodcut printmaking and enjoy using layers of color and pattern in surprising ways. One of my goals in making the work that I do is surprising myself by trying things I haven’t done before. It’s a little like being a magician and conjuring new images out of stacks of blocks of carved wood and piles of colored inks. For the most part I usually cut away from the rectangular edge of the block and use the carved images as layers of information with each other without being bound by the rectangle.

During the winter of 2021 I broke the wrist of my dominant hand and started doing “Lefty Drawings” with my opposite hand. There are many small characters in these prints that were drawn “Lefty” but then carved “Righty” when my wrist was better.


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