Flat File Project

Flat File at Zea Mays Printmaking provides a hands-on gallery experience for visitors. It houses over 50 portfolios of prints by member artists. The work in the Flat File represents examples of prints made using green technologies. They include etchings, monoprints, woodcuts and linoleum prints, photo etchings and lithographs, serigraphs and mixed media prints. Visitors are invited to select portfolios from the drawers and self-curate a dynamic art viewing experience. The work in the Flat File is available for exhibition and sale. We encourage galleries, dealers, curators, collectors, artists, students and the art loving public to make an appointment to explore this exciting collection of works on paper while visiting our working print studio.

Maya Bajak

Anne Beresford

Linda Bills

Joan Dix Blair

Judith Bowerman

Meredith Broberg

Liz Chalfin

Rachel Atkinson Chapman

Daniel Chiaccio

Sally Clegg

Pam Crawford

Nancy Diessner

Nancy Doniger

Olwen Dowling

Victoria Elbroch

Betsy Feick

Claudia Fieo

Jennifer Gover

Rachel Gugler

Nancy Haver

Anita Hunt

Kate Jenkins

Anastasia Quinn Keck

Wendy Ketchum

T. Klacsmann

Louise Kohrman

Elisa Lanzi

Channing Lefebvre

Paul Lewis

Doris Madsen

Scott McDaniel

Tekla McInerney

Larinda Meade

Margaret Merritt

Marjorie Morgan

Maggie Nowinski

Frank Ozereko

Lynn Peterfreund

Kevin Pomerleau

Erika Radich

Julie Rivera

Annie Rogers

Helen Schmidt

K.E. Sekararum

Edda Sigurdardottir

Joyce Silverstone

Kim Spivey

Margo Temple

Richard Turnbull

Nancy Van Deren

Louise Wallendorf

Carolyn Webb

Esther White

Janet Winston

Joan Safford Wright

Angela Zammarelli