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Printing Monotypes without a Press via ZOOM

with Joyce Silverstone

Section 2:  July 9-11, 2021, Friday 3-5 PM (EDT), Saturday and Sunday 12-2 PM (EDT) This section is full.  Email to be on the waiting list.

Section 1: June 11-13, 2021,  Friday 3-5 PM (EDT), Saturday and Sunday 12-2 PM (EDT)  This section is full.  Email to be on the waiting list.

Limited to 6 students

Sliding scale fee:  $140 – $275

This workshop will introduce the best methods for printing monotypes using Akua Intaglio Inks (plus some modifiers) on thinner papers without a press. 

You will learn techniques for modifying ink, adjusting papers, as well as drawing and brushing and blotting to create fresh home-studio monotype prints. While working with a registration system, printing plates can move in and out of play to make beautiful multi-layered, multi-colored prints. You will learn what hand printing does best: highlighting the touch-sensitive nature of the medium and the increased responding time available to develop an unfolding image in-the-moment.

Class time will also include sharing of work in progress, troubleshooting and impromptu demonstrations as the need arises.

No prior printmaking experience necessary. This class is for those new to monotype and those wanting a refresher!

Basic Materials needed (a complete list will be sent upon registration)

  • Inks: Akua Intaglio Inks and modifiers
  • Plates: Plates of your choice ( PETG or other plexiglass, glass )
  • Papers: Newsprint, Eastern and Western papers
  • Soft Brayers
  • Brushes and other soft ink manipulation tools ( rags, qtips, etc. )

Workshop Format:  The class is structured so participants have time between sessions to create work for the following day’s discussion.

Friday: Getting to know each other, set up the systems and materials, and demonstration of ink modification, hand tools and strategies for clear transfer of ink to paper.

Saturday: Group sharing of practice prints, and demonstration of next steps to learn a layered approach to building your prints.

Sunday: Troubleshooting, group sharing / feedback, demonstration of techniques for working back into unfinished prints.