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Plein Air Printmaking: Monotype in the Landscape via ZOOM

with: Lynn Peterfreund

Section 1:  Saturday, May 22, 2021, 10 – 5 (EST) – Full
Section 2:  Saturday, June 12, 2021, 10-5 (EST)
Zoom meeting from 10-11:30 AM, break for working outside, ZOOM meeting resumes 3:30-5 PM

Sliding scale fee:  $100 – $200

Grab your chair, a support board, your inked papers and drawing tools and head outdoors to make monotypes inspired by your local landscape or cityscape. The excitement of observational drawing is easily done and managed with the directness and simplicity of trace monotype. Drawing from life in real light and air inspires more energetic drawing with variation in lines, forms, values, and textures so easily observed.

We’ll begin together on ZOOM by assembling our kits.  The instructor will demonstrate how to create trace monotype papers and ways to use your drawing tools. We’ll talk briefly about how to choose compositional subjects, create space, and not feel overwhelmed by landscape detail. Then we’ll take a break from ZOOM and go outdoors to draw/print.  Later in the day, we’ll meet again on ZOOM to share work.  Additional demonstrations of ways to work with monotype will be included as well as ideas on how you can finish prints and preprint for future ones.

No prior printmaking experience necessary.

Basic materials needed include:
Inks: Akua Intaglio Inks or any inks you already have
Support board with smooth surface, clips
newsprint, thinner Asian papers: Masa, Mulberry, Kitikata, BFK Lightweight
Variety of tools to draw with: pen, pencil, etc, brayer

A complete list of materials will be sent upon registration

Sliding scale fee:  pay what you can afford

Section 2: June 12, 2021, 10-5

I can pay $100

I can pay $125

I can pay $150

I can pay $175

I can pay $200