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Photographic Silk Aquatint

Esther S. White
Saturday-Sunday, November 10-11, 2018, 10-5
$300 non-members, $270 members
$40 materials fee includes film, plates, paper, inks

This weekend workshop is an introduction to a photographic silk aquatint: an experimental photographic printmaking method with connections to alternative process photography.  In this process a photographic image is transferred to a plastic printing plate using screen printing emulsion and acrylic mediums. This method uses standard screen printing equipment and is printed on an etching press. These sturdy PETG and polymer plates are inked in an intaglio manner and printed on rag papers.

There are many opportunities for the artist to alter the original photographic image in this process. We will use paper film positives made from digital files or directly on the photocopier glass, a method that allows for spontaneous imagery and experimentation. The plates are built by hand using a silk screen process and can be smooth or reveal the texture of the mesh, brush strokes, or pools of emulsion. When the plate is developed in water, the artist has another opportunity to manipulate the image. Finally, we will experiment with adding acrylic media to a finished plate for an opportunity to paint back the highlights, similar to traditional silk aquatint.

No Photoshop required, some printmaking experience recommended but not required.

$300 + $40 materials ‐ Non‐Members

$270 + $40 materials ‐ Members