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Photo-based Printmaking In and Out of the Studio

Photo-based Printmaking In and Out of the StudioNancy Diessner
Friday – Sunday, June 20-22, 2014, 10-5
$400 non-members $360 members

This is a unique workshop that will combine outdoor photography with indoor printmaking. You will spend an afternoon outside in nature and in town taking photographs that will translate well to photo-etching. Time will be spent initially discussing what qualities of light and tone might work best for this particular printmaking process, and how best to achieve those qualities by learning what to look for in nature and how to set your camera to capture them. You’ll then set out to explore the world around you and return to the studio with a range of photographs to build your prints from.

This workshop will teach you the steps for transforming and enhancing your photographs in Photoshop, and then how to take those transformed photos and create photopolymer plates that yield prints with delicate tones and rich blacks. You’ll appreciate the power of transforming a photograph into a unique and visually compelling print.

The workshop is open to beginners as well as experienced printmakers and photographers. The only requirement is that you have a digital camera, and an interest in photographing in nature.

$400 – Non-Members

$360 – Members