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Monotype Improvisation Intensive

Joyce Silverstone
Wednesday-Sunday, June 27-July 1, 2018, 10-5

$575 non-members  $525 members
$50 materials fee covers plates, ink and paper

This workshop is full.  Call to put your name on the waiting list.

Monotype printmaking is a versatile way of making one-of-a-kind prints that encourages visual surprise, and allows for chance moments to loosen up any art making practice.

Play and improvise in this workshop as a means to generate ideas, expand visual vocabulary and take a deep dive into the many ways of approaching monotypes. This workshop will provide guided experiences in a variety of monotype techniques including additive and subtractive painterly approaches as well as transfer drawing, color layering and color mixing, using stencils / masks and adding collage into the mix. Teaching will highlight basic composition and developing personal imagery through individual attention and support.

Traditionally, monotypes are printed from a smooth substrate, with no repeatable marks on the plate. During this workshop, we will add to that vocabulary and explore how to approach printing a plate with repeatable elements. We will carve, incise, buildup surfaces, and generally explore monotype methods of inking on surfaces that disrupt and enhance the chance for beauty and accident. Each day of the workshop begins with a demonstration of a printmaking technique, followed by supported practice time with plenty of time for working with the materials. Participants will be encouraged to experiment, and apply these processes to create individual print projects.

All levels of printmaking experience are welcome. Get to know the fundamentals of ink, paper and press use, along with the tools of the studio, the unique qualities of Akua Water-based Inks, and innovative monotype methods.