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Monotype for Relief Plates

Joyce Silverstoneunnamed
Sunday, September 18, 2016, 10-5
$140 non-members $125 members
$30 materials fee including plates, inks and paper.

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In this workshop we will carve, incise and print the plastic substrate Sintra, and experiment with various monotype inking techniques. This is a playful method of introducing carved and incised lines into the painterly print, creating a rich vocabulary of mark making. The fine lines can be wiped like an intaglio plate, and the carved marks can be rolled relief. We will apply liquid masks, stencils, and use viscosity inking to build a history of color to these plates. The possibilities are endless. This workshop is open to both the beginning and the experienced printmaker.

$140 + $25 materials fee ‐ Non‐Members

$125 + $25 materials fee ‐ Members