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Monotype Basics for Beginners – ZOOM Workshop

with Lynn Peterfreund

Thursdays, 11 AM – 1 PM (EDT), September 10 – October 15, 2020

Limited to 6 participants

This workshop is full.  Call or email to put your name on the waiting list.

Monotypes, one of a kind prints, are called “The Painterly Print” because they are direct impressions of drawn, painted and manipulated inks.

This weekly ZOOM class is offered to students with curiosity but little or no experience in monotype or printmaking of any type.

Students will be introduced to all the elements of making monotypes: inks, papers, printing (without a press), tools, and studio set up. The class will be organized with art elements as themes: line, value, shape, color, composition. Each week a new process will be demonstrated.  Participants can follow along in real time in their own studio, or observe and work on their own later.  There will be lots of time to ask questions, clarify what is happening in the demonstrations and show work.  The atmosphere is supportive and open. 

Students will be encouraged to find ways of working that suit both their aesthetic preferences and logistical needs.

Sliding scale: $175-$300