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Moku Hanga Round Table: Re-energize Your Practice via ZOOM

Three 2-hour Zoom sessions with Annie Bissett

Tuesdays, Sep 15, 22 and 29, 7-9pm (EST)

limited to 10 participants – This workshop is full.  call or email to put your name on the waiting list.

Moku hanga is often described as a “simple” printmaking method. This is true in terms of the minimal supplies needed and the ease of set up and clean up, but anyone who has scratched beneath the surface knows that moku hanga is also a very complex method. There is a steep learning curve between comprehension of the principles and mastery of the variables.

This Zoom workshop is especially for individuals who have learned moku hanga and made a few prints but need some help getting over the “hump” of that learning curve. Topics will emerge from the needs and desires of the group, but possible areas of inquiry include designing for the process and one’s own skill level, specific questions about carving or printing techniques, tips on papers and tools, strategies for handling disappointments and setbacks, maintaining enthusiasm, and working in series.

If you’re past the beginner stage but have had trouble reaching intermediate and beyond, this workshop can help you move forward. Through Zoom we will share work for feedback and discussion, see demonstrations tailored to questions that arise from the group, discuss techniques and sources for supplies, and find camaraderie with others who are exploring the nooks and crannies of this somewhat esoteric art form.

Sliding Scale registration fee:  $100-$250.  Pay what you can.  Your registration pays the instructor and helps Zea Mays Printmaking stay afloat.