LynnJoyceLizcardNovember 20, 2012 – December 22, 2012
Reception: Dec 6, 7pm

Peterfreund, Silverstone and Chalfin, three printmakers, present recent bodies of work in the current exhibition at the Sanford Gallery @ Zea Mays Printmaking.

Although their subject matter and approaches differ, all three artists use the expressive medium of printmaking to discover ways to mirror and embrace the complexity inherent in all things.

Lynn Peterfreund is showing prints from a new series of prints inspired by the turbulent skies from her recent prints with crows. Ink colors are chosen and manipulated to evoke the ominous, stormy, changing world we inhabit.

Joyce Silverstone is working with multiple layers of relief plates, inked and mixed with plates using monotype methods. While responding to the printed surface in a painterly way, her carved lines and indirect drawing build into entangled, complex segments of landscape. There is an ambiguous poetry here, describing an interior space built from attention to natural forms.

Liz Chalfin is exhibiting her most recent artist’s book, Another Day. This book explores seemingly random moments in a day, and creates a loose narrative : abstracted, figurative, textural description of people engaged in those moments. Chalfin works through several mediums to arrive at her final prints, including photography, drawing and printmaking.

All three artists in this exhibition work in layers. Peterfreund and Silverstone do so while building up the image through successive runs through the press. Chalfin layers her drawings in Photoshop before making the intaglio plates.

The three artists in this exhibition meet several times each year to look at each other’s work and give critical feedback. This process of looking and responding is an important part of each one’s creative process. The public is invited to join them on December 6th I in the gallery from 7 to 8.30 for a reception and gallery talk.