In-House Workshops

Lithographic Line and Monotype 

with Joyce Silverstone

Friday-Sunday, October 22-24, 2021, 10-5
$350 non-members, $315 members, $35 materials

Lithographs made on polyester plates are a direct drawing method using sharpie markers, pens, and brushes to create fluid lines. These direct drawing are transformed in the process of inking and printing.  Although these plates are sometimes used to hold photographic imagery, we will focus on drawing and chance variations that will bring these repeatable plates into the world of monotype. 

Demonstrations include the basics of how to translate source imagery onto the litho plate and how to ink and print these plates with oil based etching inks. After becoming familiar with these fundamentals, we will play with variable inking methods, and creating companion plates for layering images and color. Polyester plates are easy to cut with scissors or exacto-knives and these shaped plates can add collage-like shifts of information within a composition.  Litho plates can be printed by hand or on an etching press.

This workshop will also include looking at prints, sharing works in progress, troubleshooting and impromptu demonstrations as needed.

This workshop is open to both the beginner and the experienced printmaker. We will be printing with oil-based etching inks, and clean-up with vegetable oil and soapy water.

$350 + $35 materials ‐ Non-Members

$315 + $35 materials ‐ Members