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Linocut Printmaking with 2 colors

Jersey_ShoreNeil Brigham
Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5, 2015
$275 non-members $245 members
$30 materials fee includes blocks, inks, paper

Come explore the direct, graphic and fun aspects of relief printmaking using linoleum. A relief print is created by inking the raised surface of the linoleum after other areas of the block have been carved away. In this class, we will carve two different blocks for the same image. One block will be printed on top of the other to create a two-color linocut print. Using this method, participants will be able to take what they learn and print at home without the need of a press.

We’ll cover all phases of the process from transferring a drawing onto the block, carving and inking the blocks, and making use of a simple registration frame so that each block prints in the correct place on the paper. Each student will produce multiple prints using this hands-on method. All experience levels are welcome.

$275 + $30 materials fee ‐ Non‐Members

$245 + $30 materials fee ‐ Members