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We are excited to launch the Zea Mays Printmaking Online School.  It’s the new home for all of our video tutorials and research projects.  Our video courses are professionally made in our studio in Florence, Massachusetts.  

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Tutorials Available Now:

Beginning Woodcut with Julie Lapping Rivera

In this course you will learn the basics of carving and printing woodcuts at home without a press. You will learn about different woods, tools and approaches to imagery. Demonstrations include how to prepare a block, tool use and maintenance, carving, ink handling and printing by hand.


Beginning Monotype with Lynn Peterfreund

This course is designed for beginners or those who want a refresher course in the use of Akua Intaglio inks, monotype techniques and the elements of art. After taking this course, you’ll have the skills to make gorgeous painterly prints on your own. 

Understanding and practicing color mixing is a powerful tool in your art making.  This course is organized around exercises that will help you master intentional color mixing and how to use color in your art.
Collage is a wonderful way to learn and try out what you know about color, composition, shape, texture, and the space created by those elements. This course is designed for all levels, those new to monotype and collage, or seasoned printmakers who want some fresh ideas for working with all those unfinished prints!
Learn a variety of monotype printing techniques that you can do on your kitchen table at home. Joyce Silverstone shares her unique approach to this user-friendly printmaking technique through thoughtful demonstrations and a discussion of prints as they evolve.
Moku hanga, the traditional Japanese method of woodblock printing, is an elegant, green, and low-tech process that works easily in a home studio and combines well with other printmaking methods. Annie Bissett is an accomplished Moku hanga artist and shares a history of the medium as you follow her through all the steps in the creation of a multi-color, moku hanga woodblock print.
This tutorial is an introduction to Photopolymer Intaglio, a beautiful marriage of photography and printmaking. Participants will learn how to turn their digital photographs into intaglio printing plates and how to hand print them on an etching press.
The ultimate in upcycling and reuse of common household materials for printmaking! Learn how you can turn the packaging for beverages and snacks into versatile printing plates.
Lithographs made on polyester plates are a direct drawing method using sharpie markers, pens, and brushes to create fluid lines. This tutorial focuses on drawing and chance variations that will bring these repeatable plates into the world of the monoprint. 
In this tutorial you will learn how to carve and print a color reduction block, in which progressive layers of carving and color printing yield rich, vibrant prints. The process of bringing an image to life through carving is both soothing and meditative.
This tutorial is like a yoga class for mark making. Play and improvise in a variety of monotype techniques with the addition of repeatable images on incised PETG drypoint plates
Get inspired and acquire the skills you need to enrich your screen printing practice! This tutorial is rich with tips on ergonomic printing set ups, ink selection and color mixing, multiple layer printing and easy clean up.  
This tutorial will take you through the entire process of creating and printing drypoints from both copper and plastic plates. You’ll learn how to prepare the plates, use and care for your tools, ink and print both on and off of an etching press.