Wash Ground Test 5

Test Summary
In this experiment we stopped using the Graphic Chemical Ink and water mixture as a wash ground. Instead we used Lascaux 2094 Wash Resist (part of the ARE line of Lascaux products) in combination with Lascaux 2095 Aquatint spray resist. We applied applying a superfine aquatint to the plate to avoid open biting but hopefully retain the reticulation of the wash resist.

Date: February 16, 2010
Researcher’s Name: Madeleine Parks and Maya M. Bajak
Plate Material: .032 Copper
Plate Size: 5 in x 5 in
Room Temperature: 72°

Plate Preparation
Each plate was degreased with Bon Ami and water. Applied Lascaux wash resist directly onto the plate and diluted it with water. We immediately noted that the Lascaux had a quicker drying time, about 30 minutes, opposed to the diluted Graphic Chemical water based ink used in the previous two tests. A faster drying time allowed for a fine reticulation across the plate surface. We then sprayed Lascaux Aquatint resist through an airbrush in 5 passes and placed the plates in the drying box for 20 minutes.

Maya's dried Lascaux wash resist

Maya’s dried Lascaux wash resist

Madeleine's dried Lascaux wash resist

Madeleine’s dried Lascaux wash resist

Etching Notes
Each plate was etched in a vertical etching tank of Ferric Chloride at 37° Baume

Timed Application of Mordant
30 Minutes

Removal of Grounds
The grounds were removed with Lascaux 2098 Concentrated multi purpose cleaner. It was hard to remove the resist. We tried to scrub at the plate with gloved hands but this did not work. We switched to a nail brush which worked well.

After Bath Evaluation
In these plates there is no open biting prevalent and the plate is also heavily textured from the wash resist. The results look promising.

Inking Methods
Unmodified Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. Bone Black Etching Ink, carded on with mat board scraps and wiped with used tarlatan.

Maya's inked plate

Maya’s inked plate

Madeleine's inked plate

Madeleine’s inked plate

Paper Type: Hahnemuhle Copperplate
Paper Soaking Time: 20 Minutes
Press Blanket Setup: Small Takach, 2 Blankets, 8.5 pressure

Test Conclusion
The plates etched great however the aquatint was under sprayed leaving the print lacking a rich tonal black. The plate was over bitten and the areas where we applied Lascaux Wash Resist blended with unwashed areas of the plate.

Printed Images

Maya's Print

Maya’s Print

Madeleine's Print

Madeleine’s Print

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