Wash Ground Test 4

Test Summary
We applied the same diluted Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. W/S Block print black no. 1659C. (in a ratio of 6 parts water and 1 part ink) to a degreased copper plate. However in an attempt to solve our open biting problems in the previous test we applied an aquatint with an airbrush to cover the entire plate’s surface.

Date: February 16, 2010
Researcher’s Name: Madeleine Parks and Maya M. Bajak
Plate Material: .032 Copper
Plate Size: 5 in x 5 in
Room Temperature: 72°

Plate Preparation
Each plate was degreased with Bon Ami and water. We painted Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. W/S Block print black no. 1659C. (in a ratio of 6 parts water and 1 part ink) over each plate adding more water when it didn’t appear to be reticulating properly. We waited one hour for the wash resist to air dry on the plate then placed it in a drier box for 20 minutes. In addition we sprayed 5 passes of Z-Acryl Hard ground Emulsion as an aquatint and placed each copper plate in the dryer box for 20 minutes.

Madeleine's dried wash resist

Madeleine’s dried wash resist

Maya's dried wash resist

Maya’s dried wash resist

Etching Notes
Each plate was etched in a vertical tank using Ferric Chloride which read at 37° Baume.

Timed Application of Mordant
30 Minutes

Removal of Grounds
The grounds were removed using a stripper bath of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and water (100 grams/1 liter). They were rinsed in water and deoxidized in the plate brightener bath made of distilled white vinegar and salt (1 gallon/1 cup). Immediately following the brightener bath they were dried with a clean rag and blow dryer.

After Bath Evaluation
In these plates there is no open biting prevalent, but we believe that the aquatint has covered up the reticulation effects that the wash ground provided.

Maya's etched plate

Maya’s etched plate

Madeleine's etched plate

Madeleine’s etched plate

Inking Methods
Unmodified Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. Bone Black Etching Ink, carded on with mat board scraps and wiped with used tarlatan.

Paper Type: Hahnemuhle Copperplate
Paper Soaking Time: 20 Minutes
Press Blanket Setup: Small Takach, 2 Blankets, 8.5 pressure

Test Conclusion
The aquatint eliminates the problem of open biting in the etched plates but it also covers up all the effects of our washes. Therefore an aquatint is not the answer for solving our open biting problems.

Printed Images

Maya's Print

Maya’s Print

Madeleine's Print

Madeleine’s Print

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